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This is one step you can take to have a consistent time management policy for your systems.I think Group Policy is the best way to centrally manage this setting; unfortunately, Group Policy doesn't have a built-in value to configure the time zone setting on a Windows Server.For this scenario I have added a new keyword in the @Databases parameter. Database Backup @Databases = 'USER_DATABASES, -AVAILABILITY_GROUP_DATABASES', @Directory = 'C:\Backup', @Backup Type = 'FULL' It works the same way in Database Backup, Database Integrity Check, and Index Optimize.You can now use the SQL Server Maintenance Solution to back up to Azure Blob Storage. Database Backup @Databases = 'USER_DATABASES', @URL = '', @Credential = 'mycredential', @Backup Type = 'FULL', @Compress = 'Y', @Verify = 'Y' You can also encrypt the backups. Database Backup @Databases = 'USER_DATABASES', @URL = '', @Credential = 'My Credential', @Backup Type = 'FULL', @Compress = 'Y', @Encrypt = 'Y', @Encryption Algorithm = 'AES_256', @Server Certificate = 'My Certificate', @Verify = 'Y' You can mirrored the backup.There are lots of freeware programs out there that can help you sync two folders, but very few of them do a good job of syncing the folders in real time.

Database Backup @Availability Groups = 'ALL_AVAILABILITY_GROUPS, -AG1', @Directory = 'C:\Backup', @Backup Type = 'FULL' Now what if you want to select all user databases that are not in availability groups?

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I designed the solution for the most mission-critical environments, and it is used in many organizations around the world.

The SQL Server Maintenance Solution has been voted as Best Free Tool in the 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010 SQL Server Magazine Awards, and a top session at PASS Summit 2014. “After you review this checklist run — do not walk — over to this website:

Script for updating windows time