Problems updating amd drivers

See What Version of This Driver Do I Have Installed?

if you're not sure which AMD Radeon driver version you have installed.

When I force power down the laptop and restart it, a black screen appeared during the boot process and nothing else happened.

When installing Radeon Software Crimson Re Live Edition 17.1.1 for the Windows operating system, the user must be logged on as Administrator, or have Administrator rights to complete the installation of Radeon Software Crimson Re Live Edition 17.1.1.

Now the driver update has completed and you have restarted your PC you are all set to go!

Highly efficient with minimal impact to gameplay, Radeon Re Live enables seamless playback of Re Live recordings via an easily accessible in-game toolbar, and offers quick and convenient customizable settings, custom scene layouts, and more, AMD said.

With Radeon Re Live, gamers now have a way to capture gaming highlights, and share their gaming exploits and conquests with online friends and competitors -- all integrated within Radeon Software.