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A number of species, including some that were once quite common here, have gone unreported for decades despite ardent searching, and can be presumed gone.

More cheerfully, new species have arrived, either as first-time vagrants or as colonizers establishing a lasting presence on the Island.

They point to military manuals and documents dated from 206 B. Although the origin of Martial Arts is in question, few dispute the saying, “The foundation of all Martial Arts is Shaolin.” The Shaolin Temple is the spiritual and technical source of all modern Martial Arts.

Shaolin Kempo has a long and rich heritage going back to the beginning of modern civilization.

As a valued member of the United Studios of Self Defense family, it is important that you know more about the arts you practice.

Since my arrival here in 1997, I’ve built on Allan’s ongoing work with my own field observations and reports from dozens of other observers.

As a result, we have a fairly accurate picture of what butterflies occur here, and how that list has changed over the past century or so.

The invading armies of Alexander the Great brought this brutal art of boxing and wrestling to India in the 4th century B. Historians also credit the Greeks for organizing the first professional boxing matches 1,000 years before the birth of Christ. This art used the defensive scissor techniques of the White Jade Fan to trap swords and spears, and pressure point strikes with the fan’s tip. They claim that Han emperors actively funded the study and refinements of Kung-Fu far beyond any fighting system known in India during this period. Hua T’o as the founder of the first martial style, and the first doctor to use anesthesia during surgery. D., he devised a series of exercises modeled on the deer, bear, bird, tiger and monkey long before the Shaolin Temple began instruction in the Martial Arts.

Chinese historians dispute India’s claim to being the cradle of Asian Martial Arts. T’o designed these exercises to relieve stress, tone the body and provide a means of self-defense.